Bouncing boobs – slow motion

Kourtney Kardashian semi-nude pregnant pics

KourtneyKardashianDuJourMagazine1_122_260lo KourtneyKardashianDuJourMagazine2_122_61lo KourtneyKardashianDuJourMagazine3_122_346lo KourtneyKardashianDuJourMagazine4_122_571lo

Robin Thicke’s 19 Year-Old Girlfriend. Oh yeah!

After the break up with Paula Patton, Robin Thicke is dating a 19 years old Instagram star. She is young and hell yeah, sexy. Can’t blame him. And he is 37.

Robin-THicke-19-Year-Old-1 Robin-THicke-19-Year-Old-2 Robin-THicke-19-Year-Old-12 Robin-THicke-19-Year-Old-13 Robin-THicke-19-Year-Old-16 Robin-THicke-19-Year-Old-26 Robin-THicke-19-Year-Old-37

Stephanie Bauer see through dressș high res pictures

LATINA Magazine’s “30 Under 30” Celebration LATINA Magazine’s “30 Under 30” Celebration LATINA Magazine’s “30 Under 30” Celebration

Kim Kardashian original Playboy photos – 2007

Back in 2007 Kim Kardashian posed nude for Playboy magazine. Then in 2011 some pics of her shooting were put online. Now 7 years after the original Playboy photo shoot, all of the Kim Kardashian are present here.

Enjoy the photos!

kim_kardashian1 kim_kardashian2 kim_kardashian3 kim_kardashian4 kim_kardashian5 kim_kardashian6 kim_kardashian7 kim_kardashian9 kim_kardashian11 kim_kardashian12 kim_kardashian20 kim_kardashian21 kim_kardashian25

Olsen Twins Christmas Card. Now that a card!


Today its the hump day. Enjoy!

hump-day-001-10142014 hump-day-002-10142014 hump-day-003-06062014 hump-day-006-07132014 hump-day-007-10142014 hump-day-009-10142014

Furious 7 Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Paul Walker

San Andreas Official Teaser Trailer #1 (2015) – Dwayne Johnson Movie

Where? Where?



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