Svetlana Pankratova from Russia, the Queen of Longest Legs

Svetlana Pankratova has the longest legs on the planet. The Russian estate agent is only 6ft 4 tall, but her legs on their own are an amazing 4ft 4inches – almost twice the height of He Pingping!

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  1. zupa super sexy

  2. Huh? You mean that the rest of her, barring her legs, is just 2 feet (6’4″ – 4’4″). Her torso + her head is just all of 2 feet? Whacky!

  3. yes…she really has long legs…:)

  4. who will rap these sexy legs around his neck ?

  5. Someone didn’t do their math. Her legs couldn’t be 52″ in length and be 76″ tall. In comparison Manute Bol the tallest NBA player in the 90s had legs 51″ long and was 7′ 6″, 90 inches tall. Manute’s legs seemed to be much longer than Svetlana’s.

  6. it deependes were they mersure from if it is the hip wich i belive it is it makes sense.i am talking up the upper hip were her curves start

  7. She got legs from here to YOWZA!! Long legs FTW!


  9. & he ping ping is at a perfect angle 2 luk ^ her dress.

  10. I’d drink her bath water through a McDonald’s straw

  11. if she can let you…imagine that she can easily kill you with those legs and smash you like a bug :)

  12. take note mel….its the woman with the longest legs not the man with the longest legs

  13. The length of a person’s legs is immaterial if they don’t keep their feet on the ground. Most people have legs that are just the right length.

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